Super Fan

If you were standing in line at the bank and saw a shirtless man covered in aqua paint wearing an orange wig, you’d probably scramble for your cellphone and prepare to dial 911.

Yet strangely enough, he would fit in just fine at an NFL football game. Knowing just how passionate die-hard fans can be about their teams, Tom Ellingson and Dean Curtis embarked on an entrepreneurial journey to deliver once-in-a-lifetime gameday experiences.

Based on prior work experience alone, the founders were well positioned to launch Fandeavor. The duo met while working at Zappos, where Ellingson managed business development and marketing partnerships, and Curtis managed a variety of the company’s technology teams. They developed the concept for Fandeavor from the work they did to support corporate sponsorships at Zappos. “As corporate sponsors, we saw firsthand how VIP experiences can elevate game day from fun to once-in-a-lifetime. We took the experiences we had as sponsors at Zappos and created a marketplace for fans to purchase those same experiences,” Ellingson says.

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Given the advancements and improvements to in-home entertainment technology, many fans are seeking more dynamic experiences when attending live events, a trend Fandeavor is relying on to grow their business. Ellingson shares, “There’s so much a fan can do on game day they never knew existed, and that’s the power of Fandeavor. While other sports travel companies focus on providing tickets and hotel rooms, Fandeavor is focused on providing so much more. Our experiences give fans everything from tours of the stadium/arena, access to pregame parties, meet-and-greets with athletes and coaches and once-in-a-lifetime bucket list experiences. Fandeavor elevates game day from being fun to memorable.”

Fandeavor’s experiential offerings vary widely based on each customer’s preferences and budget. Packages are available for customers desiring a custom-tailored experience at almost any major sporting event. Fandeavor currently offers access to experiences with NFL, MLB and NBA teams along with college football and basketball teams, Major League Soccer and NASCAR. Additionally, Ellingson tells us, “We’re excited to launch NHL and international soccer during their upcoming seasons.”

Available packages start around $150, but can be customized to fit customers’ budgets. An example base package might include tickets for premium seating, VIP parking, a private tailgate party and an autograph session. For customers seeking a bucket list experience, such as the Super Bowl or other championship events, Fandeavor can deliver VIP treatment complete with five-star lodging, meals, transportation, celebrity hosts and access to team functions and hospitality events.

Already purchased tickets for a sporting event? No problem, Fandeavor offers expert advice for making the most of your self-planned game day experience. Fandeavor’s “Gameday Experts” field questions via email, phone or text on just about any topic related to the event and surrounding area — everything from scoring the best seats to lodging, activities around the stadium, insider tips and where to find the best steak dinner nearby.

Curtis and Ellingson’s commitment to making sporting events more memorable for fans is evident in Fandeavor’s attention to detail and enhancing the overall customer experience. Ellingson notes, “We get access to great experiences and in the coming months we’ll be creating more direct partnerships with teams. We’re excited to scale that part of our business and continue to improve Fandeavor for our customers.”

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