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American’s New Three-Class Service Flies Coast to Coast

Redefining the Travel Experience from Coast to Coast

American Airlines recently introduced the Airbus A321 Transcontinental aircraft to its global fleet. This landmark addition makes American the only airline to offer a three-class service with fully lie-flat premium seating when flying between New York’s JFK and Los Angeles, and JFK and San Francisco. 

The introduction of the Airbus A321T is more than another addition to our rapidly growing fleet. The most exciting aspect of this particular plane is how it harks back to American’s roots as a pioneer in coast-to-coast air travel. You might not have known it, but American is full of “firsts” when it comes to transcontinental travel. In January 1959, American was the very first airline to launch coast-to-coast jet service with the Boeing 707. The following years saw the transcontinental routes served by “luxury” liners such as the 747s, DC-10s and, most recently, 767-200s. American has long held a tradition o flaunching new products and services unique to the transcontinental markets such as our made to- order ice cream sundaes, a customer favorite. American even introduced an early in-seat entertainment system on transcontinental routes: Astrovision monitors not only gave passengers a bird’s-eye view of takeoff and landing thanks to cameras on the plane’s exterior, but could also pick up signals from local television stations while on the ground.

With the launch of the A321T aircraft, we’re bringing another first to our coast-to-coast product — we’re offering our domestic customers benefits that, until now, were primarily reserved for those traveling internationally. We are the only airline to offer three classes of service from one end of the country to the other. Some of the outstanding features of this plane include fully lie-flat seats in both First and Business Class. First Class customers have direct aisle access from their seats, making it easy to get up and move about the cabin. Our new A321T is outfitted with the latest technological must-haves like power outlets, a state-of-the-art in-seat entertainment system and, of course, Wi-Fi to ensure you stay connected during your journey.

A comfortable and connected travel experience is not limited to just those traveling in our premium cabins. The A321T’s Main Cabin is configured with 72 comfortable seats — half of which are Main Cabin Extra seats offering more legroom. With power outlets at every seat, customers can charge their personal electronic devices while enjoying an incredible wealth of in-seat entertainment. Every seat has a display monitor with enough in-seat entertainment options available to fly around the world up to 15 times and never have to watch the same movie or TV show twice.

The entire American team worked incredibly hard to design a comfortable, pleasing environment. I believe we have done a fantastic job to not only meet the demands of today’s traveler but also anticipate the future needs of our customers. The result is a credit to our team’s ingenuity and attention to detail: from the mood lighting to the trim and finish of the seats to the in-suite carpet and premium lavatories in the First and Business Class cabins, this plane aims to redefine the meaning of luxury transcontinental service. Bringing a first-rate, internationally inspired travel experience to the domestic market with the A321T gives us an opportunity to provide the best domestic travel experience in the industry.

Alice Liu, Managing Director – Onboard Products, oversees all aspects of the onboard product offerings for American’s fleet of nearly 900 aircraft flying more than 3,500 daily flights around the world, including cabin interiors, inflight entertainment and connectivity.

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