A loving tribute

Phillip C. Jordan is a Fleet Service Clerk with more than 20 years of experience with American at the El Paso and Dallas-Fort Worth airports. He has dedicated the past several years of his life to educating the public about epilepsy. 

When Jordan’s son, Phillip C.  “P.C.” Jordan Jr., was 13 years old, he began having seizures and eventually was diagnosed with epilepsy. He took medication for the condition, but at the age of 20, P.C. suffered epilepsy’s worst fate: Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP). “I wanted to know more about SUDEP, to understand what had happened to my son, but there was very little information,” says Jordan.

He became a champion of the Epilepsy Foundation of Texas and, to raise money to fund research for the foundation and education for the community, he and his daughter Carly and other family members and friends organized a golf tournament in honor of his son. Last year, they held the sixth annual P.C. Jordan Jr. Memorial Golf Tournament for Epilepsy. 

Jordan also organized the El Paso Stroll for Epilepsy, a walk that raises money to support epilepsy clinics and camps for children. “The walks help families learn what to do when a loved one has a seizure,” he says. “They learn that living with epilepsy is nothing to be embarrassed about.” 

Jordan has also created the P.C. Jordan Memorial Scholarship, an education fund for the high school where his son graduated as a Top 10 Senior and was nominated for the Academic All State baseball team.

“P.C. was very involved in his school and community, and he loved helping people,” says Jordan. “His memory motivates me to try and make living with epilepsy easier for others.”

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