Little Passports

When we first heard about Little Passports, we knew they would be a perfect fit for our Innovators series.

Little Passports is a nifty travel-related box-of-the-month subscription service for kids. Boxes are delivered to your doorstep and are filled with fun educational items to help kids learn about the culture and history of the United States and other countries around the world. We recently met with Amy Norman and Stella Ma, the founders of Little Passports, to learn more.

Innovators: Tell us about Little Passports.

Amy Norman: Little Passports was founded by two moms who set out to design an inspiring and fun way for kids to learn about the world as a whole. There are very few products on the market that teach children about other countries and the United States in a fun and engaging way. Our educational monthly subscriptions provide children with the opportunity to learn by receiving packages full of goodies such as stickers, activity books, souvenirs (e.g. Egyptian dig kit) and access to online games. Each monthly package is sent from imaginary pen pals, Sam and Sofia, who travel the world on their scooter visiting a new location each month.

The World Edition focuses on more than 25 countries and is designed for kids ages 5 to 10. The USA Edition focuses on the 50 United States, and is geared toward kids ages 7 to 12.

Little Passports subscriptions are currently available for purchase on the company’s website at

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As a 2013 National Parenting Publication Award silver winner and Parent Tested Parent Approved product, our product provides kids with the opportunity to learn about the world without leaving their backyard.

I: How did you come up with the idea for Little Passports?
AN: Stella and I worked together at eBay around the time we were having children. We knew that we wanted to build a large business together, but also one that had a positive impact on the world. We quickly realized we shared a passion about global citizenship. Stella grew up in the melting pot of Oakland, Calif., and I moved between England and the U.S every three years. We each knew there was a need to educate children about the world.

From that we came up with the concept for our World Edition, in which characters Sam and Sofia travel the world on their scooter visiting a new country each month and sending children a package in the postal mail full of learning, souvenirs and online games. Little Passports was launched in 2009, and we have run the company as co-CEOs since then.

I: How does travel inspire you, and what impact does it have on your business?
AN: I grew up on a 747 somewhere over the mid-Atlantic. My family moved back and forth between England and the East Coast every three years, and I traveled to more than 20 countries by high school. Classmates would ask me where England and Europe were. My childhood travel was my personal inspiration for creating Little Passports, whose mission is to raise a generation of global citizens.

I: Where can our readers purchase a subscription for Little Passports?
AN: Our product can be purchased via our website, at

I: What’s on the horizon for Little Passports?
AN: We are currently focused on scaling our two existing product lines, but will look into product, as well as geographic expansion, in 2014. We are building the next major children’s brand and look forward to expanding our product line into additional media such as books, digital shows and other products.

Content written by Chris Johnson, Cofounder of Wakefield Media. Wakefield Media is one of American’s many small business partners.


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