Stills for the distillation of tequila
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My favorite tequilas
I drink only 100% blue agave tequila; preferably aged. With dozens and dozens of excellent premium tequilas made ​​from 100% blue agave, dare I say that my favorites are the best? Well, I haven’t tried every single one. But the following five are, in my opinion, the most delicious and the very best. Cheers!
Casa Noble the Santana Barrel Reserve — Distillery — La Cofradía (Tequila, Jalisco) — Extra-aged to perfection. Lovely complex layers of flavor. Body and color: amber with thick legs. Aroma: pronounced scent of agave with notes of citrus and hints of caramel. Taste: silky and complex, with a subtle flavor of cooked pineapple and a very mild sweetness interspersed with notes of agave, lime and allspice. Finish: long and smooth.
Price: US$500  
Number Juan Extra Añejo — Distillery — La Rivesca (Atitlán, Jalisco) — An extra special añejo at a super-affordable price. This exceptional tequila is brimming with bold agave flavors. Body and color: deep amber with long, dense legs. Aroma: fresh herb and black pepper with hints of citrus and vanilla. Taste: agave, lemongrass, lime, honey and pepper. Finish: soft and gentle. 
Price: US$75

Casa Dragones Sipping Tequila — San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato. (Distillery in Tequila, Jalisco)
I prefer añejos, but this distinguished young tequila is a wonderful exception. Produced in limited editions and bottled to order, each bottle bears the batch and bottle numbers, and the label bears the name of the purchaser. The bottle I have was a gift from a good friend. Body and color: clear, long and very slow little legs. Aroma: floral notes with hints of cooked agave and citrus. Taste: smooth with notes of vanilla, dried fruits and spices. Finish: soft, clean and warm.
Price: US$360.  
Corralejo Reposado — Ex-Hacienda Corralejo (Pénjamo, Guanajuato) beautiful tequila made through traditional methods. Color and body: like golden hay with lanky legs. Aroma: herbs with strong notes of agave. Taste: cooked agave, light with little notes of citrus and wood. Finish: soft, warm and slightly smoky. Wonderful when paired with a cigar like Rocky Patel Decade; a match made in heaven!
Price: US$50 

Don Julio 70 — Limited Edition for the Tenth Anniversary — Distillery La Primavera (Atotonilco El Alto Jalisco) A crystalline aged vintage. Body and color: yellow diamond with long, delicate, little legs. Aroma: intense and clean, with very subtle notes of cooked agave. Taste: light notes of herb and pepper and a hint of oak. Finish: short and smooth. It’s a perfect gift for vodka drinkers who are incorporating tequila into their repertoire. It’s an excellent tequila for super-premium cocktails.
Price: US$80