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Among his varied plans for the future is making the crossover into English. “This is out of my hands, but what I can do is try to be ready for when the time comes,” he says with that perseverance that characterizes him. He’s already taking daily classes on accent improvement.
With admirable willpower he managed to overcome obesity. “I was a glutton. When I lived in Canada I reached 196 pounds from all that food I gobbled up. The day I looked down and couldn’t see my toes because of my big belly, I gained self-awareness. I no longer had control over my health and my life was sluggish. That’s when I started to eat healthy and to go to the gym.”
Today, Ismael Cala has become a television celebrity in the Americas. He aims to inspire people as he was motivated by so many others. “We must find a role model for what we want to do, where we want to go as did those who gave us encouragement. And especially we shouldn’t give up in the face of rejection. Many doors will be closed, but others, however small, will be opening up wider and wider.”
Ismael up close
· Favorite book: Don Miguel Ruiz's The Four Agreements.
· Favorite food: Mediterranean, especially hummus.
· Hobbies: Bicycling, music, movies and hanging out with friends.
· Leisure: Traveling anywhere in the world.
· What he would have liked to do if he weren’t a journalist: A photographer or a teacher.
· What he hates the most: Hypocrisy and bigotry.
· What he admires the most: Honesty and transparency.
· His greatest virtue: Perseverance
· His flaw: Impatience
· An idyllic place to live: He hopes to retire in a picturesque village in Spain.
· His dream: To work eight and travel four months a year
His first book: 
El poder de escuchar
A guide up the road to success
Ismael Cala
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