Presenting the candidates in the 2012 Miss Venezuela Beauty Pageant in Caracas
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“The secret of listening is simply the secret of love, because when you’re in love you leave your ego behind,” he says. “If you do not listen, you won’t learn.” That’s as simple as it gets, according to Cala, who has several more leadership and self-help books in the works .
He doesn’t get inspired by anything in particular. “Getting up every morning to do something new and different is my greatest inspiration. If we’re talking specific activities that keep me alive and enthused, I can single out hanging out with friends and being in touch with nature, in addition to my hobbies; reading, movies, music and especially traveling.”
He has vacationed in India, Thailand, Croatia, Turkey and Greece–just in the last year! “My ideal would be to work eight months a year and travel four,” he says.
In 2008, he was fortunate to be able to travel for almost ten months thanks to the cancelation of an agreement he had signed with Mexican broadcaster Televisa. That gave me the money and time to fulfill my dream of traveling. It was a unique experience, but I also found out that a long trip can be exhausting. So I'd settle for just four months a year,” he says flashing his bright smile.
His program remains popular due to a carefully curated mix of guests from show business, politics, music, literature or sports coupled with current topics and inspiring human stories. 
“It's all teamwork,” says Cala whose particular brand of spirituality doesn’t include a God tied to any particular religion. “I believe in God, but my faith has its own spiritual blend of ingredients from Christian, Buddhist and Cabalistic traditions.”
Life has shown him the way. “I used to be keen on planning and having control over everything, but I realized it stressed me out a great deal. I therefore have changed my insight in this regard. I followed Amado Nervo’s sound advice: ‘The most common cause of failure lies in trying to secure success before it’s due.’”
He’s constantly checking himself to stay on track; “I’m impatient and I need to cultivate serenity.”