Ismael Cala's path has been challenging and circuitous, but he never lost his captivating smile or his ability to listen. These traits have distinguished him as a master of the interview.
He has gone from radio to television, from journalist to columnist and now author; from Santiago de Cuba to Toronto, and now Miami; and from a debilitating obesity to a fit healthy body. 

"The ability to listen stems from the willigness to love and to let go of the ego."
When a guest enters the set and takes a seat next to Ismael Cala, his brilliant smile and warm demeanor almost immediately puts them at ease. Cala knows how to bring out the best in his interviewees.
"If you can’t create an atmosphere of confidence and security around your guest in the first 30 seconds there is nothing else you can do. You have to start it out on a good tone. Be that as it may, I do not do interviews to judge anybody. I simply wish to chat," says Cala whose basic goal is at once to inform and entertain the public.

Nexos: What about those edgy moments with a guest? How do you overcome them?
IC: “With a good dose of humor. I’ve had some guests with no sense of humor. It’s at that moment that I recall the words of Carlos Cruz Diez, spoken at the stately age of 90, ‘Beware of anyone without sense of humor!’”
Cala has just published his first book, baring his soul. The Power of Listening comes after “two years of pulling on the hair of his muses and five months hiding away to write it,” says the star of CNN En Español. The next one, with the title; A Good Son of a P, where the P stands for passion, patience, perseverance and many other Ps, is well on its way.