Often when I visit customers, I can’t help but notice how many people have beautiful screen savers on their office computers – a photo of a charming beach with palm trees and a sea of emerald waters. Such an image invokes calmness as well as a longing to be there. I also have a photo of one of those wonderful, unknown beaches on my desktop. But after my last trip to Roatan in Honduras, I plan to change my picture to one of a Honduran landscape, which brings back great memories every time I turn on my computer, and makes me eager to go back.

There are many beautiful places on the island of Roatan, but Anthony’s Key Resort gathers natural and manmade amenities to create a vacation experience full of memorable moments. If you’re looking for romance, staying in the resort’s bungalows, especially those on a small islet, nested on stilts above the sea, is truly an incredibly peaceful experience. Caressed by gentle sea breezes and spectacular views, it’s a favorite place for honeymooners.

If you are in search of adventure, Anthony’s Key Resort has plenty to go around. For more than 40 years, it has been a world-renowned scuba diving resort. Not only do they train and certify divers, but they also offer plenty of diving excursions for beginners and experts alike. Surrounded by the longest barrier reef in the hemisphere, Roatan boasts a variety of colorful and interesting marine life in addition to intriguing explorations of shipwreck remains. Warm, clear waters with visibility between 50 to 100 feet guarantee hours of underwater entertainment. Diving excursions with dolphins, sea lions, stingrays and sharks (I didn’t dare try this one) in their natural habitat are riveting. And for the less adventurous, there are snorkeling excursions as well. One of the things I enjoyed most was swimming with dolphins in a spacious enclosure, where I saw up close how playful and intelligent these animals are. But above all, I saw how much fun the kids were having, not just from playing with the dolphins but with so many other activities perfectly tailored for them.

Although the main activities at Anthony’s Key Resort revolve around water, recreation is not limited to it. The resort offers some inland fun such as canopy tours and horseback riding. In short, either as a couple or as a family, after a few days at Anthony’s Key Resort, you leave rejuvenated and ready to rejoin (reluctantly) everyday life.

Roatan is a small island, on which you can travel from end to end in half a day. The use of a guide or tourism agency is highly recommended. Among many highlights, a visit to the Mayan Eden Eco-Park stands out.