Hamman Al Andalus

In a way, Arab baths in the Spanish cities of Granada, Málaga, Córdoba and Madrid recapture the essence of a civilization built around water, that crucial element in the everyday lives and spirituality of our ancestors. In those days, baths were a place to gather, but today they’ve become a break from our daily routines, a moment to escape and relax. The architecture and the ambiance can transport you straight into the pages of One Thousand and One Nights.

Room Mate Hotel Aitana

The Spanish hotel chain Room Mate keeps expanding throughout the world. Its newest addition is Aitana in Amsterdam, the city of canals that’s known as the Venice of the North. Room Mate hotels’ locations are typically central and strategic. Aitana is in a spectacular crystal building on the new, artificial island on the river IJ, next to the Palace of Justice and very close to Central Station and Dam’s Plaza.


Personally, I can’t stand the process of untangling my earphones after having them in my pocket or purse. That’s why Zipbuds has come up with a solution that’s truly ingenious, and, trust me, it works. Furthermore, they’re quite comfortable, since the “bud” is designed to adapt itself in the ear. Zipbuds offers various models that include one with a microphone for use with a cellphone and two high-quality models. Price: $24.99 U.S.


Using technology similar to that found on Segways, this sophisticated motorized electrical monocycle allows you to stay balanced, thanks to its gyroscope, acceleration meter and its system of motors that move the wheel back and forth. The monocycle accelerates when you lean forward, and it reaches speeds up to 10 mph with up to 10 miles of travel per charge. This product represents one more step toward ecologically friendly personal transportation that will hopefully be more widely used one day. Price: $5,300 U.S.

Flir One

This accessory fits an iPhone 5 or 5s like a normal case and gives it night vision by transforming thermal energy into dynamic images that anyone can see, even in complete darkness. You might ask if there’s any practical use at home for such an apparatus, which seems to be a better fit for the military, but it can help to locate a lost pet in the dark, detect heat escaping through a gap in the window or spot a water leak.