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As Latinos living in the U.S., we have a truly multicultural experience. In this nation, through good fortune and necessity, the lines along country of origin that normally distinguish one Latino from the other are softened even as our common heritage is highlighted. While we still form strong organizations based on our home country, we also form very powerful and strategic alliances as well as deep personal relationships with a diverse group of Latin American peers.
On March 15, 1997, a group of Latin American employees came together to better serve our airline and to help it better serve its Latin American passengers. We called ourselves the Latin Employee Resource Group (LERG). A year later, members of the LERG met for the very first time with the publisher of American Airlines Publishing Group. Our purpose: to help American launch a Spanish–Portuguese magazine uniquely designed for our Latin American passengers.
The first edition of American Airlines’ Nexos magazine was published in April 1999.  This year marks our 15th anniversary, and we will be celebrating all year. In Latin America, this celebration is called a Quinceañera.
In the decade and a half since our first edition, the Nexos team has labored long and hard and above all lovingly to create a community of readers that exceeds 53 million in 33 countries around the globe. I don’t think I’m overstating when I say that thanks to our collective effort, our faith and our love, we have constructed our very own version of the Bolivarian dream: to unite the countries of the American continent.
Join us in our celebration and learn about that wonderful iconic party known throughout the continent as the Quinceañera.  And, since no good party should ever be without good drinks, be sure to turn to page 22 and read our article “Tequila, Gift of the Goddess.” The spirit owes its popularity as much to cultural syncretism as it does to globalization.
With an eye toward the World Cup in Brazil, we take you on a tour of the 12 Host Cities. With the collaboration of our American Airlines colleagues in Brazil, we have put together a list of recommendations of great places to eat, sleep and have a good time, whether you’re in Brazil for the World Cup or for other reasons.
So as we say where I come from, “Let’s party!

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