Dunes Arena Stadium
Portal da Copa/JAN
Salvador developed under the deep influence of the Portuguese, afro-descendants and indigenous peoples alike; a situation which contributed to the cultural richness that typifies the city today. African cultural elements are omnipresent in Salvador, from capoeira circles  a combination of martial art and dance brought to Brazil by African slaves  at the Modelo Market to the beat of the agogos and atabaques  percussion instruments  in the rites of the Candomblé,  a syncretic religion conceived in Brazil. Because of its African heritage, Salvador is often referred to as the Black Rome. Bahia's capital boasts a privileged topography with appealing attributes, such as a clear division between the Low and High Cities, which are connected by the Elevador Lacerda

Where to eat
Bahia Marina 
Restaurante Amado 
Paraiso Tropical 

Where to drink
Bahia Marina 

Things to see
Santo Amaro
Cidade Baixa
Bahia de Todos os Santos

Praia Farol da Barra 
Praia Stella Maris 
Praia do Flamengo


Sao Paulo
As the financial and business hub of Brazil, Sao Paulo is not only the biggest city in the country, but it also ranks among the most populous in the world with just over 11 million residents. It is by far the most ethnically diverse city in Brazil, with around 100 different ethnic groups within its city limits. Sao Paulo is a high-profile cultural center with top-flight concerts, exhibitions, and a colossal gastronomic scene that boasts more than 12,000 restaurants. Sampa, as it is lovingly called, is also bursting with tourist attractions that go beyond its breathtaking skyline. Must-see places include the Japanese district of Liberdade, Ibirapuera Park, world-class shopping malls and a thoroughly charming city center.

Where to eat
Mani Manioca 
Pobre Juan
Where to drink

Vaca Véia 
La maison est tombée
Posto 6 
Things to see
MASP – Museu de Arte de São Paulo
Parque do Ibirapuera / Oca
Museu do Ipiranga
Pinacoteca do Estado
Estação da Luz
Estádio Arena de São Paulo

Expanding on the topic
TAM Airlines, the leading airline in Brazil, is now part of the oneworld Alliance.  This extends our route network to 42 destinations in Brazil.

For complete information on the World Cup: http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/index.html