Station Square
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From June 12 to July 13 twelve Brazilian cities will be the striking backdrop for the 2014 World Cup Brazil. Here’s the scoop on each of the 12 Host Cities, where soccer will reign supreme with lots of spare time to have fun, enjoy the wonderful scenery, and taste the exquisite local and international cuisines.

Belo Horizonte
Belo Horizonte stands out for the beauty of its green spaces, its careful city planning, a wide array of cultural activities, and the spectacular landscapes of the Serra do Curral that surrounds it.

Where to eat
A Favorita
Vecchio Sogno

Where to drink
Bar Tio Zé
Choperia Pinguim
Choperia Albanos

Things to see 
Lagoa da Pampulha – Igreja de São Francisco
Parque das Mangabeiras
Praça da Liberdade
Estádio Governador Magalhães Pinto, el Mineirão

Brasilia is the only city in the world constructed in the 20th century to have been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO thanks to its urban planning and architectural esthetic. The construction of this ultra-modern city, situated in the center of Brazil, began in 1956 but it was officially founded on April 21, 1960. Most of Brazil's federal administration, and by extension its political power, is centered here.
Oscar Niemeyer's National Congress

The most emblematic structures of this avant-garde city are the Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasilia and the Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge. Both were designed by Oscar Niemeyer, the man behind most of the landmark buildings in the Brasilia.

Where to eat
Churrascaria Porcão 
Coco Bambu 

Where to drink
Empório Santo Antônio
Bar Brahma

Things to see
Pontão do Lago Sul
Memorial JK
Pier 21
Estádio Nacional Mané  Garrincha

Cuiaba, the capital of the state of Mato Grosso, is located on the exact geographic center of South America, equidistant 1,243 miles from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Established in 1719 during the Brazilian Gold Rush, its city center still houses several historical buildings that were declared national heritage sites in 1992.

Cuiaba is currently home to half a million residents and it is surrounded by three of Brazil's most important and characteristic ecosystems; the savannahs of the Cerrado, the wetlands of the Pantanal, and the Amazon. It's an idea place for eco-tourism and the city is often referred to as the "Green City." Cuiaba also neighbors one of Brazil's most startling landscapes, the mountain range of Chapada dos Guimaraes, where archaeological sites and a 1,274-square-mile National Park attract thousands of visitors every year.

Things to see
SESC Casa do Artesão 
Comunidad de São Gonçalo Beira Rio 
El Parque Mãe Bonifácia con rutas de senderismo y actividades
Mercado Minorista Antonio Moisés Nadaf
Mercado do Porto 
Iglesia de Nossa Senhora do Bom Despacho y el Museu de Arte Sacra
El Pantanal y Parque Nacional
Where to eat
O Regionalíssimo, en el Museu
do Rio Cuiabá

Peixaria Popular
Porto da Conceição
Sorveteria Nevaska

Where to drink
Tom Choppin 
Conde de Azambuja
Bar Presidente