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    Employee Safety

    Safety has always been the number one priority for American Airlines when it comes to its customers, employees, and aircraft. American continually works with its employees to emphasize that safety is a part of everything the company does, and that safety is every employee's responsibility. Everyone from senior management to front-line employees plays a critical role in creating a safe environment at American Airlines. Safety is the first and foremost consideration in any decision and is the foundation for success at the airline. By working together, all employees can create a safer atmosphere, not only for themselves, but also for their co-workers and for American's customers.

    The best opportunity to reduce employee injuries and aircraft damage is by improving AA's safety culture. AA's safety culture is defined as:

    • Management leading by example and visibly demonstrating its commitment to safety
    • Employees at every AA location, at every level, taking responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others
    • Investigating injuries to find the root cause and using these findings to prevent recurrence
    • Continually improving existing safety infrastructure

    To lead this effort, Partnership for Safety was formed. PFS is a company-wide safety improvement program that focuses on keeping American Airlines employees safe. It is a collaborative effort between the company, employees, and employee associations.

    PFS is supported by sub-committees that address broad safety topics. Each sub-committee deals with a specific area of safety, evaluates the current state, and recommends solutions to drive continuous improvement.

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