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    Maintenance and Engineering Operations


    American Airlines has been working to create a world-class maintenance and engineering organization with the stated goal of "providing value to our people, customers and owners."

    Moving forward as an organization, American’s maintenance operations will continue to engage with employees to raise productivity levels, which help gain and keep third-party contracts. American will use its breadth and size, its technical capability, its facilities and its seasoned and knowledgeable work force to provide one-stop shopping for potential customers. American can take care of everything in-house; it does not have to send out work to be accomplished.

    As other airlines are outsourcing more maintenance work, American is working hard to keep those jobs in house. This puts American in an industry-leading position, doing 80 to 90 percent of all its own maintenance work and 100 percent of its heavy maintenance. By comparison, in 2008 the Department of Transportation reported nine U.S. airlines outsourced more than 70 percent of their major aircraft maintenance in 2007.

    Despite the challenges facing the airline industry, American’s employees have shown a willingness to adapt to the ever-changing environment. American’s operational improvement is a direct result of its employees’ ongoing efforts to restructure its business. But even though progress has been significant, much work remains. Everyone understands it is important to continue focusing on finding ways to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

    Alliance (Fort Worth)

    The Alliance Maintenance Base serves as the fleet base and modification work center for the B767-300 and B777 aircrafts. It is also home of the Texas Aero Engine Service LLC (TAESL) repair facility, a joint venture with Rolls Royce for engine repair.

    Kansas City

    The Kansas City Maintenance Base serves as a fleet base and modification center for the B767-200 aircraft. It also completed the test work on the 767 winglet installation, the first of its kind.

    Other projects include:

    • 767 Cabin Improvement Process (CIP) work
    • AA aircraft modifications


    The Tulsa Maintenance Base serves as the main headquarters for Maintenance and Engineering division. Maintenance work performed at the facility includes:

    • All work on the MD-80, B757, A300 and B737
    • Overhaul the Pratt and Whitney JT-8 and General Electric CF6-80 engines
    • Wheel and brake overhaul faculties
    • Composite repair center

    Line Maintenance

    Line Maintenance includes all non-base maintenance employees (approximately 4,500 people) that perform scheduled and routine maintenance and provide operation support.

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