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    • In 24 years, American Airlines has become Latin America’s premier airline, offering more flights to more destinations there than any other carrier.  And, its commitment can be seen in its investment in resources, routes and -- most importantly -- in its people.  

    Investing In Routes 

    • American began flying to Mexico more than 70 years ago and to Latin America in 1987 -- with service to Caracas, Venezuela.  But it wasn’t until 1989 -- when American acquired Eastern Airlines’ routes into Central and South America for approximately $430 million -- that American became a major carrier to the region.  The Eastern routes originated from Miami International Airport (MIA), where American had just 18 flights a day and about 200 employees in 1989.  
    • Today, MIA is American’s second largest hub and its gateway to the Southern Hemisphere, with more than 10,000 employees and more than 320 flights.  American’s Latin America/Mexico route system encompasses 53 destinations in 18 countries (includes twelve American Eagle destinations in Mexico).
    • In addition to offering service between Miami and Latin America, American has Latin American/Mexico service from New York-Kennedy, Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago/O’Hare, Los Angeles and San Juan, Puerto Rico, and together with regional carrier, American Eagle now serves 20 Mexican destinations.

    Investing in People

    • Most important to American’s success in Latin America are its employees based throughout the region -- almost 100% of whom are nationals of the countries in which they work.  They are responsible for developing ties to the local communities, governments and business leaders and for opening up the marketplace to American Airlines.

    Investing in Resources 

    • American is committed to Latin America and Mexico and is strengthening its existing routes and seeking out new destinations.  It is expanding and improving airport facilities throughout the region, including gates, ticket counters and Admirals Clubs.  American is giving employees the resources they need, by creating marketing partnerships with Latin carriers to expand its competitive presence, developing a new world-class hub terminal for its Latin gateway in Miami, and operating one of the finest fleets in the world to Latin America.
    • American has continued to grow its service in Latin America. In 2010 it began service from New York-JFK to San Jose, Costa Rica and to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and from Dallas-Fort Worth to Rio.  It also began serving Brasilia, Brazil’s capital from Miami, the sixth destination for American in the country.  
    • In February 2011 American Eagle began service to two new destinations in Mexico –Queretaro and Veracruz and in June 2011 American Eagle began service to Mazatlan and Morelia.  American also increased service from Miami to both Belo Horizonte and Brasilia in December.  Service to both destinations is now daily.
    • American began service to Manaus, Brazil in June, 2012, and to Asuncion, Paraguay, Roatan, Honduras and Puebla, Mexico in November, 2012. It also increased service to Sao Paulo from New York JFK to two daily flights and from Miami to Rio to two daily flights.
    • In 2013 it began service from Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) to Lima, Peru and to Hermosillo and Zacatecas, Mexico. In November 2013, American will begin service from DFW to Bogota, Colombia and Roatan, Honduras and from Miami to Cozumel, Mexico. Beginning late 2013, American will also begin service to Curitiba and Porto Alegre from Miami, pending government approval, and to Sao Paulo from Los Angeles.


    Latin American/Mexican Destinations

    MexicoCentral AmericaSouth America


    Belize City, Belize

    Asuncion, Paraguay


    Guanacaste, Costa Rica

    Belo Horizonte, Brazil


    Guatemala City, Guatemala

    Bogota, Colombia


    Managua, Nicaragua

    Brasilia, Brazil


    Panama City, Panama

    Buenos Aires, Argentina


    Roatan, Honduras

    Cali, Colombia


    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Caracas, Venezuela


    San Pedro Sula, Honduras

    Curitiba, Brazil***

    Los Cabos

    San Salvador, El Salvador

    Guayaquil, Ecuador


    Tegucigalpa, Honduras

    La Paz, Bolivia

    Mexico City


    Lima, Peru



    Manaus, Brazil



    Maracaibo, Venezuela



    Medellin, Colombia

    Puerto Vallarta


    Montevideo, Uruguay



    Porto Alegre, Brazil***

    San Luis Potosi*


    Quito, Ecuador



    Recife, Brazil



    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



    Salvador de Bahia, Brazil



    Santa Cruz, Bolivia



    Santiago, Chile



    Sao Paulo, Brazil

    *American Eagle service
    ** American and American Eagle service
    ***Service to begin 4th Quarter of 2013 (Pending government approval)

    Countries Served in Latin America

    South AmericaCentral America




    Costa Rica


    El Salvador















    August 2013

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