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“The new has been designed completely around feedback from our customers and is more intuitive, engaging and innovative. We really think our customers are going to be pleased.”
- Kenji Hashimoto, President of American Airlines Cargo

  • The original was launched in 2001.
  • Currently, receives about 200,000 visits per month, with the majority of visits involving tracking and booking functionality.
  • A major visual refresh was completed in 2004, and a minor visual refresh was completed in 2012.
  • The last upgrades to the website hardware/server were made in 2007/2008.
  • Core functionality available on includes:
    • Tracking schedules
    • Flight information
    • Facility information
    • Rate calculator for Priority Parcel Service (PPS) shipments
    • Ability for customers to make and edit bookings
    • Ability for customers to approve and pay invoices
    • Shipment status notifications
Online booking
  • Online booking functionality was implemented on in 2004.
  • A large number of American Airlines Cargo shipments are booked online and the majority are made directly on

The new (June 2013)
  • The new website will launch at the end of June 2013.
  • Work on the new began more than a year ago with goals to enhance the online user experience and adopt a new technology platform that would allow for future expansion.
  • American started the project by speaking with customers to better understand what they wanted from their online experience.
  • The new was a significant project that involved the work of many teams across the company.

Key enhancements
  • More organized tracking
    • Easier to navigate
    • New easy-to-understand icons
    • No more disruptive pop-ups; all information on one page
  • New personalized workspace for logged-in users
    • Simple to navigate
    • Allows for easier tracking
  • Improved user management
    • Previous pain point for customers
    • New console helps to quickly view, organize and edit users
    • Allows users to more easily reset, create and manage their passwords

Photo Gallery
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The new makes tracking even easier to navigate, with new icons and no more disruptive pop-ups. All tracking information is now on one page.

The new includes a new personalized workspace for logged-in users, giving them everything they need in one place. The workspace is simple to navigate and allows for easier tracking.

UserManagement.jpg The new improves user management, a previous pain point for users. A new console helps to quickly view, organize and edit users, and allows users to more easily reset, create and manage their passwords.

The new homepage

New logos

New American Airlines Cargo horizontal logo

New American Airlines Cargo vertical logo

New product treatment for ConfirmedFS

New product treatment for ExpediteFS

New product treatment for ExpediteTC

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