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    American Airlines Maintenance Services

    Fact Sheet

    American Airlines Maintenance Services, the maintenance and engineering arm of the airline, offers a full line of airframe, engine and component, and line maintenance services, customizing those services to meet the specific needs of the client. American’s MRO business has a growing customer base of more than 70 different entities ranging from numerous domestic and international airlines to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to the U.S. military.

    American has three overhaul maintenance bases located in Tulsa, Okla., Fort Worth, Texas and Kansas City, Mo., along with line stations located throughout its domestic and international network. American Airlines Maintenance Services brings a broad range of maintenance capabilities to the MRO demands of its customers. American's highly skilled Aviation Maintenance Technicians repair and maintain American's fleet of over 600 large jets as well as aircraft for dozens of other carriers.

    Select Services Offered:

    Aircraft Maintenance

    American has the capability to perform line maintenance and overhaul work on a variety of fleet types, including but not limited to:

    • A300-600 • B737
    • Fokker 100 • B757
    • Super 80 • B777
    • B767

    American performs more than 150,000 maintenance checks of various types each year, offers complete manufacturing and machine shop capabilities and has competitive turn times.

    Aircraft Modifications

    American has the capability to conduct all levels of service bulletins and airworthiness directive support. This includes:

    • Crown skin replacement
    • Empennage panel replacement
    • Pylon modification
    • Landing gear work

    Back Shop Support

    • Mylar
    • Interior changes
    • Seat re-pitch
    • Winglet work

    American maintains 80 percent of all back shop support in-house. This allows for excellent quality control and innovative engineering opportunities. Work provided includes:

    • Metal spray
    • Plating
    • Electron beam welding
    • High speed tip grinding for engine cores
    • Standards lab tool calibration
    • Heat treatment
    • Slides
    • Seats
    • Engineering support
    • Floor board
    • Plastics
    • Wiring
    • Wheel and brake


    American has the capability to perform a myriad of component and avionics work, including:

    • Flight instrumentation
    • Components for above mention fleet types
    • GPS installations
    • Halon recovery
    • Utilize Automated Test Equipment
    • Windshear installations
    • Thrust reverser repair and modifications

    Composite Repairs

    American offers a state-of-the-art composite repair facility, and the airline has already developed many repairs for many A300, Super 80, 777, 767, 757 and 737 composite aircraft parts.

    Engineering and Planning

    American offers an expansive package of world-class engineering solutions for its customers, which include planning for future endeavors, developing technical publications and assisting with current challenges. These services range from developing and preparing engineering requirements for aircraft modification and cabin reconfigurations to developing maintenance programs.

    Engine Work

    American can conduct overhaul work on a variety of engine types including the CF6-80A, CF680C2, JT8D-217/219 and CFM56-7B. A prime example of American’s ability to provide competitive maintenance work to third parties is its joint venture with Rolls Royce called TAESL (Texas Aero Engine Services Ltd). TAESL was formed in April 1998 to repair and overhaul the RB211 engine, which American has on its Boeing 757 fleet, and the Trent 800 engine, which is on American’s Boeing 777 aircraft.

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