Lazos que Perduran (Ribbons that Last) Campaign for Latinas
A ribbon can raise awareness. It can tie us together. It can save a life.

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Launched in October 2011, Susan G. Komen for the Cure® unveiled Lazos que Perduran (Ribbons that Last), a new program designed to foster increased awareness, support, empowerment and action for Latina women.

This national communications effort is designed to provide Latinas with life-saving educational information about breast cancer, risk factors unique to them, the critical importance of early detection and healthy lifestyle messages. The goal is simple:

Motivate Latinas to get a breast exam and to convince the
important women in their lives do the same

More than a campaign, Lazos que Perduran is the expression of what Komen’s promise means — a commitment for life and to life, dedication to find the cure, to help all women fight breast cancer and to foster bonds that unify all who are touched by this disease.

Breast cancer knows no boundaries — be it age, socio-economic status, nationality or geography. Why a Latina initiative?
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  • Breast cancer is the leading type of cancer (28 percent of new cancers) and deaths (15 percent) among Latinas contributing to 2,200 estimated deaths in the US Latina population in 2009.
  • Latinas are less likely to have regular screening and to get prompt follow-up for an abnormal mammogram so they are more often diagnosed at a later stage.
  • Factors that play a role in lower screening include: lower income, lower levels of education, less access to health care, care disparities, lack of health insurance, lack of awareness of breast cancer risks and screening methods as well as cultural and language barriers.
To ensure que Perduran (everlasting) commitment, American joins Komen in embracing the promise. To learn more about Lazos que Perduran, visit
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