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As a major airline, American relies on the people it transports around the world to stay in business. In turn, the cities it services rely on the airline for visitors, jobs and for the welfare of its citizen travelers. It’s a symbiotic relationship American Airlines doesn’t take lightly, and thus contributing to the wellbeing and betterment of the communities we operate in has always been an important part of American’s mission. Because we feel strongly that with being a global business comes global responsibility.

American, its employees and its customers are all part of the team in the daily effort to provide relief and assistance in areas where it is desperately needed. Our collective humanitarian efforts help support the communities in which we all live, work, and play.

One way the airline contributes is by encouraging its worldwide workforce of 80,000 employees to give of their time and money to promote their favorite causes. In 2012 alone, American employees volunteered almost 38,000 hours and donated more than $730,000 in support of some 270 charitable organizations.

Additionally, we offer programs for our customers who have similar alliances to be rewarded for their generosity. For example, American has been a longtime partner with the American Red Cross. When disaster strikes, our connectedness to millions of people traveling to hundreds of destinations around the world puts us in a unique position to help increase awareness, garner support and provide assistance to people in affected areas. In 2012, together we raised $500,000 for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, and we awarded over 1.7 million AAdvantage miles to our customers for their generous donations

In total, more than 60,000 of our customers engaged in our various programs, raising over $6.9 million for worthwhile charities. The programs and events on this site demonstrate the goodness we can do together.

Together, we are committed to making a difference

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