For all the innovations in the food and beverage world, wine hasn’t exactly been killing it. Sure, many Americans are thrilled that French wine labels are now featuring the grape varietals on the labels instead of only the terroir, and we have long since gotten over our initial aversion to screw-caps. Mostly. But portable wine for those on the go has always meant toting along glass bottles or transferring wine to backpack-friendly containers. Thanks, though, to one of our favorite winetrepreneurs, Joel Gott (of Joel Gott wines, Gott’s Roadside burger joint, and more), the outdoors-inclined can breeze right on past the “No Glass Containers Allowed” signs when they are hiking, camping, cross-country skiing, or hitting the beach. Award-winning Bandit wines come in one-liter or 500 mL Tetra Paks, and are made with premium California grapes.