Sleek Cell
A slender sand-blasted titanium body, black leather, and side panels made from woven carbon fiber help the Vertu Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre cellphone stand apart from the plastic masses. But the fact that this is a limited edition -- just 1,500 were made -- is what makes this phone command a $16,000 price tag. Along with the aerospace materials used in its construction, the Ascent Ti boasts five hours of talk time and 300 hours of standby. The onscreen chronograph and offset keypad illumination are meant to suggest the dashboard of an exotic sports car. To garage this baby, though, we suggest adding the black saddle calf-leather case with red detailing and stainless steel “V” logo to go with it.

The Sound of Music
For digital-music aficionados, gathering and managing and listening to all those tunes becomes a lifelong opus -- literally. The Olive Opus No.4 digital music center makes short work of any such task, however. Its CD player automatically converts CDs to a high-fidelity lossless digital format, preserving full CD sound quality far superior to the compressed data in MP3s. Its sleek aluminum case can store up to two terabytes of music -- 6,000 CDs worth. Locating what you want to hear is similarly simple, thanks to a full-color touch screen that lets you search by genre, artist, or album, or just flip through album covers. Connect it to your stereo to start the party. Connect it to Olive’s Melody No. 2 wireless multiroom music player to let the party roam through the whole house. Opus No. 4 Digital Music Center, from $1,499, Melody No. 2 wireless multiroom music player, $599,

A Driver For All Seasons
Whole entourages of club technicians accompany top golf pros on tour, customizing their clubs to fit individual course requirements, weather conditions, and a player’s own inclinations. Now you can be your own driver mechanic with Nike’s SQ DYMO² STR8-FIT Driver. The head cover contains a torque wrench that allows you to easily modify the just-out driver to produce eight possible clubface and lie angles. The special wrench alerts you with lights and an audible alarm when you’ve tightened the club head back down just enough. A degree or two may not sound like much, but the difference can turn a confirmed hook-meister into a consistent straight-down-the-fairway winner. $299,

Plasma Perfection
All games of big-screen TV one-upmanship end at the very mention of Bang & Olufsen’s BeoVision 4-103 plasma television. The 103-inch diagonal plasma screen alone dwarfs virtually every other big-screen. But the BeoVision’s greatness can’t be measured merely with a yardstick. A visually striking triangular center loudspeaker looks great while anchoring the digital surround sound. And what really sets the BeoVision apart is the handy and handsome remote-controlled motorized floor stand that tilts the screen to the optimum viewing angle and automatically lowers the big fellow to the floor when not being viewed. $111,005,