Big Shot
Leica practically invented compact 35 mm photography in the early 20th century, and the German optical pioneer has manufactured its M-series of cameras for more than 50 years. The latest, the M9, is the first compact digital with an image sensor big enough to capture a full 35 mm-sized frame in 18 megapixel resolution. The range-finder design, which uses a viewfinder instead of the through-the-lens approach of modern single-lens reflex cameras, harkens back to the original M3 of 1954. Yet the 2.5-inch display and intuitive electronic controls are thoroughly modern. It even comes with a copy of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software. The M9 body is $6,995. Lenses in focal lengths from 16 mm to 135 mm run $1,500 to $10,000.

Play Your Fast Game
For some, it’s enough to say that MAINGEAR’s Ephex Elite is one bad gaming PC. Others will want to know that MAINGEAR’s latest gaming rig is wrapped around the fastest desktop processor ever, Intel’s new Core i7 975 Extreme. As many as three interconnected ATI Radeon HD or NVIDIA GeForce GTX systems handle graphics chores. A custom water-cooling system dissipates the copious quantities of heat generated by all the over-clocked CPU and GPU. And the Ephex Elite’s radically styled case accommodates up to 24 gigabytes of random-access memory as well as a wide selection of massive disk drives and optional Creative X-Fi Surround Sound Gaming Audio. From $5,660,

Remote Possibilities
You’ve just settled into your recliner and clicked on the tube when you realize you left the channel guide across the room. Exasperation sets in until you realize you hold in your hand ESPN The Ultimate Remote. This sports-fan remote puts you in charge of TV, cable box, satellite box, DVR, TiVO, DVD, and audio receivers, and you don’t have to fumble for confusing device codes to make it work with your components. The Ultimate Remote figures it all out for you. Even better, it gets the Internet through a WiFi connection so you can browse online TV Guide listings, check Facebook, update fantasy-football standings, and more, without so much as lowering your leg rest. $200,

Music to Your Ears
Call it a light guitar, call it a laser harp, but don’t call it just another Guitar Hero wannabe. A Beamz is a unique musical instrument you actually play by passing your hands through any of six laser beams. All you need besides a Windows PC and a USB connector is a bare minimum of musical talent. Breaking one of the beams with a wave of a finger triggers a note, melody, or sound effect from more than 100 instruments. It comes with a gallery of 30 prerecorded play-along songs, including top hits from pop to classical. And the software keeps everything in harmony so even if you’ve never made music before, you will with this. Even serious musicians will find creative playgrounds aplenty in this breakthrough device. $200,