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Portland, Oregon, has a central square devoted to food trucks. Haitian, Jamaican, and Chinese fare — follow on Twitter @RickshawTruck — rumble through New York. In our nation’s capital, chicken curry and sweet mango lassipops exit the order window into the hands of those seeking sidewalk sustenance. In Los Angeles, you can find French crepes, Jamaican jerk, Southern chicken, Korean barbecue, and grass-fed beef on wheels. In the spirit of culinary competition, how you find your desired lunch is improving faster than you can say kimchi quesadilla (the Mexican standby fired-up by fermented Korean cabbage that’s served at L.A.’s Kogi taco truck). Jauntily colored food trucks still announce their intended parking spot with a tweet (in L.A. you can see all the Twitter feeds on a single page at findlafoodtrucks.com), but, upping the convenience ante, L.A.-based ROADSTOVES has attached GPS units to many of the most popular L.A. trucks; with an iPhone app you get the trucks’ real-time locations. Welcome to lunch in the digital age, where once again we chase our food.