3M Mobile Projector MP410

For large audiences, the 3M Mobile Projector MP410 is as small and bright as they come. This palm-size projector packs 300 lumens. But it’s self-contained, with 1GB of onboard memory, USB, and Micro SD card ports, so you can load your show and leave the laptop home. It connects to pretty much any video source via HDMI or A/V cables. Or, with a special USB dongle accessory, you can wirelessly transfer images from up to 30 PCs at once. $599, shop3m.com

FAVI’s backlit Bluetooth PC/Tablet Keyboard and Presenter with Laser Pointer helps move your presentations right along from up to 50 feet away from the source. And as a super-compact keyboard, it’s brimming with features, such as a “tap to click” touchpad, dedicated multimedia controls, familiar Android and Windows buttons, and the ability to right- and left-click. $80, favientertainment.com

Upgrade your display with The Sideline Cinq. This trusty 10.1-inch HD travel monitor — which comes with a protective case, built-in SD card reader, and all the necessary accessories — clips right to your laptop or its adjustable stand. In either portrait or landscape, it luxuriously lends that extra visual real estate to make computing on the go and one-on-one presentations a (productive) pleasure. $300, mycinq.com

Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit takes your powering options to the max. This award- winning one-pound wonder can get charged from a wall, car outlet, or the sun. And in return it can juice up tons of devices — especially with the optional inverter accessory ($50), which essentially turns it into a wall outlet for those times when you’re miles from the nearest wall. $360, goalzero.com

New Trent Travelpak Plus NT700C is a handy little powerhouse. It’s both a USB adapter that plugs into the wall and a 7,000mAh battery in one. Either way, it can power two devices (such as a smartphone and tablet) at once. $50, newtrent.com

Sure, the Digital Treasures Props Power and Keyboard Case for iPad protects your tablet and lets you type more easily. But its built-in 8,000mAh battery is what makes this multifunctional accessory indispensible. That’s enough for upwards of 3,000 typing hours — less if you use it to recharge your other devices (in addition to the iPad itself) along the way. $110, digitaltreasures.com