Braven 650

Logging lots of miles? Keep these tech-savvy devices close at hand.

The Braven 650 is a tough, sleek, and utilitarian audio accessory. This portable Bluetooth music/phone speaker is encased in aircraft-grade aluminum and plays up to 20 hours of clear, aptX-enabled music. Its beefy hidden battery can restore life to your smaller devices. And it can be daisy-chained with sister speakers to expand your audio experience. $170,

V-Moda’s flexible, durable, customizable Crossfade M-100 headphones are great to have on any journey. Beyond sumptuous comfort and superior sound, they’re easy to take along by folding compactly into their sturdy exoskeleton case with carabiner. Plus, they are highly functional, with tough Kevlar-reinforced cables for controlling your music, voice interaction, and even sharing your tunes with a friend. $310,

SeV Sport Coat
Need more pockets? The snazzy SeV Sport Coat offers dozens. So you can pack papers, pens, passport, camera, phone, and tablet — and look great, while wearing a carry-on’s worth of technology. $200,

ECBC’s Pegasus Rolling Backpack Carry On is amazingly tech- and travel-friendly. Its FastPass system lets you fold out your up-to-15-inch laptop without having to remove it at security. It can roll, be carried, or be strapped on. And it sports a substantial portable recharging unit to charge your devices on the fly, along with plenty of pockets for phones, readers, tablets, and sundry cords. $400,

The 8GB Sky Wifi Propack by Livescribe allows you to record your handwritten notes and drawings along with audio, then wirelessly transfer them to your phone, tablet, or laptop. It’s the perfect blend of analog and digital multimedia journaling. Additionally, this pen computer can run a nice range of entertaining, educational, and travel-based applications. $250,

PlanOn PrintStik PS950ME is the smallest portable wireless printer on the market. It prints at up to 600 dpi on the included seven-year-rated thermal paper. Or, remove the slender 20-page cartridge and it prints on regular paper one page at a time. Along with the wiper-style DocuPen Xtreme X50 scanner ($400) and/or the credit-card-size SlimScan SS100 receipt and business card scanner ($140), PlanOn offers some great options for space-efficient capturing and printing. $400,