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From workout DVDs you can pop into your hotel player to spa books that provide a guide to healthy living, plus films, television shows, and CDs that cater to well-being (both personal and planetary), here is a guide to the best the media has to offer for a fit and fabulous life.

If you’re the kind of person who squirms at the first note of new-age music, Modern Meditations’ two new compilation albums — Rock Classics, featuring instrumental versions of songs by artists such as Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, The Police, and Led Zeppelin; and Modern Classics, with renditions of songs by The Verve, U2, The Cure, Oasis, R.E.M., and Nirvana — just might be the answer. The world-renowned Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California, will be the first resort to introduce this new CD series into its spas. modernmeditations.com

The book Spa Village: Honoring Healing Traditions features glorious photos and more from the wide-ranging collection of YTL Malaysian spas, everything from the Spa Village Malacca at The Majestic, where you can get a nutmeg-rice rolling massage or bird’s-nest facial (considered the “caviar of the East”), to the Pangkor Laut Resort & Spa Village, where every treatment begins with an elaborate bathhouse experience. spavillage.com

For the first time in its 120-year history, The Mayo Clinic is introducing a diet — and swears it’s the only one you’ll ever need. The Mayo Clinic Diet outlines two easy-to-follow phases: a Quick Start component, where dieters can shed between six and 10 pounds in just 14 days, and a second phase, Live It, designed to help dieters continue to lose one to two pounds per week while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The book is filled with meal plans, tips for overcoming challenges, and help with starting an exercise plan. $26, mayoclinic.com

More than merely a “spa book,” Six Senses’ SLOW LIFE (an acronym for Sustainable Local Organic Wholesome Learning Inspiring Fun Experiences — a mouthful!) is a beautiful read that explores how altering the ecological and carbon footprint of our lives can make a tangible difference in the health of our communities and planet. $35, sixsenses.com

Blue Planet Run: The Race to Provide Safe Drinking Water to the World, with a foreword by Robert Redford, explores the complex issues behind the universal crisis for clean drinking water and talks about the eponymous around-the-world relay run. $45, blueplanetrun.org

Wow! The Pop-Up Book of Sports by Sports Illustrated Kids is the first sports pop-up book created with live-action photos from eight of the most memorable moments in recent sports history. Your kids can feel like they are right there at the Red Sox’s 2004 World Series victory, alongside skateboarder Danny Way during his jump over the Great Wall of China, and next to former New York Giants wide receiver David Tyree as he makes the pivotal catch during the winning drive of Super Bowl XLII. LeBron James, Serena Williams, and Kelly Slater are among the other athletes featured. $26.95, sikids.com

Disney, the company that introduced Bambi to American audiences, is returning to the wild but this time for less-scripted stories. Disneynature will release one nature documentary per year and is set to launch Oceans on Earth Day (April 22). Directed by Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud, the film uses new technology for mind-blowing underwater clarity, focusing on the perils and inspiration of our world’s vast oceans. disney.com/oceans