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Fly-Fish in a Kayak in Vieques

Puerto Rico’s Vieques Island is only 21 miles long, but it’s home to more than its share of glorious beaches and fish-chocked waters. Sign on with Vieques Adventure Company for kayak fly-fishing (tarpon and snook) and add on an unforgettable night of paddling on one of the world’s biggest bioluminescent bays. Stay at the elegant new W Retreat & Spa-Vieques Island. viequesadventures.com, wvieques.com

Go for a Yoga Hike in the West

Not surprisingly, Hiking Yoga began in San Francisco, but the popularity of the unconventional combination — roughly 60 minutes of hiking interspersed with 30 minutes of short bouts of yoga — has seen the discipline spread. There are already yoga hikes in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Phoenix, and this spring the hikes will spread to a dozen more cities, including Dallas, Atlanta, and New York. And it’s cheap: a $20 drop-in fee. hikingyoga.com

Beat the World Cup Crowds to Sao Paulo and Tour the City (Slowly) by Bike
Sao Paulo’s Hotel Unique is the first hotel in Brazil to offer U-Bikes (hip for “green” and “urban”). You’ll pedal with guides through this cosmopolitan city on customized itineraries that look in on the city’s best restaurants, art galleries, boutique shops, and music venues. When you return for soccer’s biggest moment in 2014, you can be the tour guide. hotelunique.com

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Run with 50,000 Revelers in San Francisco

Where else can you toe the start line with the Gingerbread Man, Jabba the Hutt, some aliens (left), as well as some participants who, believe it or not, opt to run au naturel (yes, it’s allowed in this race). If there’s a better party in running shoes, you tell us. That, along with myriad other intangibles, makes San Francisco’s Bay to Breakers 7.46-mile (12-­kilometer) run from the bay to the breakers of Ocean Beach a very special gathering. There’s a reason why the event celebrates its 100th year this May 15. Sign on, suit up, and be a part of history you’ll never forget. baytobreakers.com

Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau; INSET: Kihachiro ARATAKE
Dive Mysterious Japanese Ruins

Some 300 miles southwest of Okinawa, tiny Yonaguni Island is Ha Te (the very far end) and home to goose-pimple-raising scuba diving. In winter (January to March), schools of hammerhead sharks come to the island to breed. But Yonaguni is best known (among Japanese divers, but few others) for the mysterious underwater Yonaguni ruins, mysterious because no one is certain if they’re a geologic formation or ancient archaeology (though Japanese scientists agree that they’re man-modified). Whatever they are, at some seven stories high and just over 650 feet long, finning about them is unforgettable. Go with Reef Encounters. reefencounters.org