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Sailing enthusiasts who prefer the elegant lines of a classic wooden yacht to today’s high-tech racers can indulge their passion for vintage vessels at the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta (antiguaclassics.com) from April 15 to 20. Each year, the regatta draws about 60 boats, which are classified as Vintage (launched before 1950), Classic (built between 1950 and 1975), and Spirit of Tradition (modern boats built with classic styling). The Antigua race kicks off the annual Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge series sponsored by Officine Panerai (panerai.com), which once produced timepieces for the Italian and Egyptian navies. The circuit includes events in the Mediterranean as well as regattas in Newport, Rhode Island, and Nantucket, Massachusetts. This season, Panerai showcases and races its newly restored Eilean (pictured), a 1936 Bermudian ketch that will serve as a brand ambassador. “The classic yacht regattas maximize the expression of our tradition, which is linked to the sea,” says Angelo Bonati, CEO of Panerai, which also produces a limited-edition Regatta watch each year.