You don’t have to dive, race, or fly to appreciate watches designed for such active pursuits. Like a favorite pair of jeans, a rugged sports watch has become a wardrobe staple that delivers high-performance function with fashionable form.

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High Fliers

A pilot’s watch used to be regarded as an essential tool of the trade, but modern technology changed that. Though they may be outfitted with slide rules, tachymeters, GMTs, and chronographs, today’s pilot watches are most often used to evoke romantic notions of aviation both past and present.

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Track Stars

A love of high-performance engineering unites fans of motorsports and mechanical watches. These hot-rod timepieces take design cues from the automotive world — from vintage classics to today’s cutting-edge supercars. Many motoring watches feature a chronograph function so you can track lap times, pit stops, or your morning commute.

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Wave Runners

Whether or not you ever take the plunge, the latest dive watches are going to provide you with water resistance down to 1,000 meters and special functions like mechanical depth gauges. Classic dive features include unidirectional rotating bezels, helium escape valves, and luminous indexes and hands for heightened legibility in the murky depths or at the bottom of your swimming pool.