Speaking of The Transporter and other movies where Statham gets to show off his driving skills and snappy suits — what are his choices in a drive and in dressing up? In the Transporter movies, he can be seen revving it up behind the wheel of an Audi A8, a full-size luxury sedan, which he calls an “exceptional” car but quips that “it’s more like an old man’s car and I hope I’m not there yet.” He owns an Audi S8, which offers him “luxury and speed.” He’s also a big fan of motorbikes and classic British cars like older Jaguars and Aston Martin’s DB4 and the DB5, which is known for being one of the most recognizable James Bond autos: “I love Aston Martins, especially the DB5. They’re just classic and quintessentially British!”

Statham was actually working as a model for London clothier French Connection when he was introduced to director Ritchie and got his big break, so the man knows how to wear it well. As for the suits he wears when he’s on set, he offers, “You can’t be lifting your leg up like I do in any suit. So we have special suits that are made out of stretch fabric, so they can allow you to move around. For myself, I’ve bought a number of suits and shirts from London’s Savile Row. Kilgour is one of my favorite tailors there, as is David August in Los Angeles. And when I am in London I get all my shirts made at Dunhill. There’s nothing like fine tailoring, is there?”

There’s a phone call from the set — Jason is needed. As the interview winds down, Statham says that in his spare time, he’ll take on any challengers who want to play a game of chess. There’s that competitive streak again. Then he adds, “In my downtime, I love anything to do with snow — snowboarding, particularly … and then anything to do with the ocean — scuba and free diving, which I learned to do recently with the very famous Cuban free diver, Pipin Ferreras. It’s just a stunning sport, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since I saw Luc Besson’s The Big Blue.”

As he heads off to an all-action rehearsal, he playfully shadowboxes with the crew. You can take the athlete out of competitive sports, but you just can’t take the competitive spirit out of Jason Statham.