Wellness Retreats at Rosewood Little Dix Bay get you moving. 

Full Disclosure: My Caribbean getaway fantasy is more tuned to sipping drinks on a beach rather than  to running drills on a tennis court. Fitness and fun, however, do mix at Rosewood Little Dix Bay in Virgin Gorda, B.V.I., which indulged both my lazy and active sides at a Fitness Immersion Wellness Retreat run by fitness consultant and coach Frank Baptiste, founder of FranklyFitness based in New York City.

The very fit and enthusiastic Baptiste was easy to spot running around the resort’s lush 500-acre grounds in the tropical heat. He calls his fitness philosophy “Move Well, Feel Well, Be Well” — because he concentrates on movement. The retreat offered two sessions that began with a warm-up incorporating Self Myofascial Release (SMR), a technique that involves applying pressure to lacrosse balls, softballs, and foam rollers with various parts of the body to relieve knots and trigger points in the connective tissue surrounding your muscles. The Move Well session at the Sense Spa’s infinity pool, perched on a cliff over the sea, employed those self-massage techniques along with stretching and flexibility exercises to relieve stress and enhance mobility. Play to Win, at the resort’s tennis center, was a more intensive 90-minute workout that mixed running drills, kettlebells, core work, and a fast-paced finale that repeatedly moved us through a series of stations where we sprinted on a rowing machine, threw a medicine ball against a fence, did power squats, jumped rope, and ran through a rope ladder. By this point — huffing, puffing, and aching — I had discovered that my usual workouts were not up to the task of keeping my middle-aged body in top shape.

As we age, not only do we lose muscle mass, but our metabolism wanes as well.

“Using intense total-body exercises like explosive kettlebell movements and light plyometrics, we target our anaerobic energy systems using set work-to-rest ratios,” explained Baptiste, who sounded more like a science professor than a trainer. “The effect over time is a re-engineering of your body’s fuel delivery systems. Whether your goal is athletic or aesthetic, this protocol will enhance performance and ignite your metabolism.”

Play to Win also ignited my desire to shake up my fitness routine at home by incorporating some of Frank’s tips. As I limped up to the spa for a restorative massage, I was thinking about a tasty Painkiller and a lazy afternoon spent lounging on the resort’s half-mile-long crescent beach.

This year, Rosewood Little Dix Bay’s Fitness Immersion Wellness Retreats in May and November will add TRX Suspension Training to the Play to Win class, Cook Well classes with Rosewood Little Dix Bay’s executive chef to teach you how to prepare healthy dishes at home, and more individualized services such as a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to analyze your movement patterns and identify issues that need to be corrected for optimal results. The price of $3,308 for two includes four nights’ accommodation, two yoga or fitness classes per day, breakfast and dinner daily, round-trip airport transfers from Tortola, one massage per person, and more.