If you’ve read Celebrated Living in the past, you may have noticed something different about this issue. For the first time in our 15-year history, we are not featuring a celebrity on our cover. Why the change? A few reasons, actually. Over the years, our magazine has evolved. We’ve gone from being an offshoot of the popular “Celebrated Weekends” celebrity feature that used to run in American Way to a stand-alone luxury publication that focuses on travel, lifestyle, dining, and trends, and we want to make sure our cover reflects what we are all about.

We also saw that there were plenty of great changes going on at our airline, from new planes and exciting new amenities in our premium class seats to a new look and a new logo — so what better time to start afresh than with our first issue of 2013?

With the decision made to take a different direction, our editorial team got to work coming up with ideas to showcase this issue. We homed in on a prevalent theme — healthy travel — and figured out a concept. Then design director David Radabaugh refined the idea and sketched it out (left) to use as we planned the photo shoot. Once at the shoot, it was a group effort to get props, model, and backdrop ready for their close-ups, as you can see in the photos here. The result, after cover lines and a bit of touch-up by our masterful digital imaging specialist, David Dowe, is what you see on our cover. We hope you like the new look!

Oh, and on the subject of change, there’s one more thing to share. Starting with the previous issue, I’ve taken the reins as editor of the magazine. I can’t say it’s the first time I’ve been editor of this magazine, though; I also held the title back in 2001 and 2002. But then my first child came along, and it felt like a good time to step back and lessen my workload. (Well, my workload at the office, at least.) Since I last edited these pages, I’ve moved three times, built two homes, had two more children, and traveled to too many places to list, sometimes toting diaper bags and multichild strollers and other times, blissfully, toting little more than swimwear and a good book. Now, with all three children in school, it was a good time for a change for me, too, and I am beyond thrilled to be here.
I’d love to hear your thoughts on the magazine — both the cover and what’s inside. Please drop me a line at lori.stacy@aa.com.

Have a happy, healthy spring. 

Celebrated Living