Before you hit the links this spring, get a step ahead of the game with these golf gadgets.

The latest from Adams, their easy-to-hit Idea SUPER LS Hybrid ($299, features a slot on the sole that gives it superior flexion. That translates into extra ball speed and distance. But what good is distance if it’s not in the right direction? Polara’s anti-slice golf balls ($12 to $40, are designed with a special dimple pattern that’s been scientifically tested to reduce slice by as much as 75 percent. Find the right blend of distance and direction, and you’ll be headed straight for the clubhouse sooner than you think.

Rain or shine, Dancin’ Dogg’s durable, portable OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator ($4,000, allows your foursome to play virtual golf on realistic graphical replicas of dozens of world-famous venues. The Platinum package includes an HD projector, stance mat, impact screen, OptiStix driver, golf-ball tray, color-coded do-it-yourself installation guide, and the complete library of courses they offer. On the analysis side, check out Sony’s 2013 Handycam camcorders ($250 to $1, In addition to offering Full HD video, impressive optical SteadyShot image stabilization, extended zoom, auto wind noise reduction, and built-in projectors, these new models also feature a Golf Shot setting that allows you to capture a burst of high-resolution stills so you can study your motion frame by frame. Even more informative, attach the little one-ounce SwingSmart Golf Analyzer ($250, to any club shaft and it’ll tell you the tempo, speed, face angle, and angle of attack of your swing — and send a 3-D graphical depiction via Bluetooth to your Android or iOS phone or tablet. The V1 Golf App ( is another helpful practice tool. It lets you edit and store videos of your swings, submit them to instructors for analysis, and view more than 50 pro swings and compare yours, either overlaid or side by side right on your phone’s screen.