Both the owner and visionary of her store, Flour LA (, Carly Cylinder has designed floral pieces for the likes of Swarovski, Twentieth Century Fox, Jay Leno, Nicki Minaj, and many others. Cylinder spoke to Celebrated Living about floral design trends and why people are drawn to flowers.

POWER OF ATTRACTION: Innately we love beautiful things; they make us feel good. To have a piece of nature inside our home lifts our spirits. Flowers are also inspirational to other art forms such as painting, music, and fashion; it’s a very symbiotic relationship.

FLOWERS SEEN AROUND THE WORLD: I’m working on a television show now where we go to different ethnic florists and see how they use flowers in their traditions. My floral travels are just beginning! It’s very cool to see the meaning of flowers in these traditions. For example, I saw how a lei is used in the Indian and Hawaiian cultures. While they are both leis, they are different in construction, materials, and meaning.

CURRENT FLORAL TRENDS: For the past few years, rustic has really ruled. And I can’t stand rustic designs! I’ve noticed a lot of us in the industry are pushing our clients back to that very constructed modern look, very high-end. There’s a lot of experimentation happening and a lot of creativity. I started my personal blog, The Pollen Lounge, as a response to the rustic movement, and I feature floral designers all over the world who really create these unusual designs and use flowers in a way that I never really thought to do.

TRY THIS AT HOME: You can buy a premade bouquet from the grocery store and then deconstruct it so that you arrange it in color blocks or by type of flower. I always say to use whatever you have on hand. If you have a pitcher, use that for a vase. Use your daughter’s feather boas to create a festive Hollywood glam arrangement. If your market sells wheatgrass, it’s really easy to place sturdy stems in it for an instant garden (e.g., sunflowers or gladiolas). Use whatever you have on hand (sliced fruit, dried lentils, shells, rocks from outside) to place inside the vase.