Yacht Charter
Courtesy of Randy Lincks
For an all-hands-on-deck, high-seas adventure close to the water line, channel “Pirates of the Caribbean” and captain your very own vessel. The steady breezes that drew traders — and the pirates who preyed on them — still feed the fantasies of sporting sailors in and around the Virgin Islands where a number of yacht rental companies including St. Thomas-based Virgin Island Sailing (visailing.com) and Tortola-based The Moorings (moorings.com) offer charters both crewed and bareboat. Sail between remote moorings, stopping to snorkel vibrant reefs, hook a fish for lunch, comb a deserted white-sand beach, or hold an impromptu dance party on the top deck. Go where the wind takes you — there are 60-plus British Virgin Islands alone — all the while developing sea legs and learning the ropes together. With no set schedule and all the water sports possible, what kid wouldn’t want to stow away?  — E.G.