When the heat of summer sets in, all you want is to find cool relief. Turn your sights and sails to The Last Frontier and experience the great outdoors of Alaska by land and by sea. When you and your family embark on a one-week Alaskan cruise, your world becomes one filled with spectacularly towering ice-blue glaciers, snow-tipped mountains in view, humpback whales leaping around the ship, hiking in Alaskan cities rich with history, and much more. Take the famous Juneau tramway to the top of Mount Roberts, witness the majestic beauty of Glacier Bay up close, set off on a kayak adventure in Sitka, where you’ll see a variety of wildlife, or take a floatplane in Ketchikan while watching thousands of salmon swim upstream (as your kids look on in awe). One thing is certain on an Alaskan cruise: The kids won’t ever be bored. - CHRISTIANA NIELSON

On Holland America Line, prepare to be pampered on a luxurious cruise ship with exceptional food, service, and amenities such as yoga and cooking classes, wine tastings, spa treatments, or touring the art gallery. The cruise line’s youth program, Club HAL, provides activities for kids ages 3 to 17. Children ages 3 to 7 can participate in pirate treasure hunts on board, ice cream sundae parties, and a farewell pajama party. Eight- to 12-year-olds can play in Xbox tournaments, scavenger hunts, karaoke parties, and more, while teens can enjoy sporting competitions, yoga classes, cooking demos, and a talent show. Visit hollandamerica.com for cruise options, prices, and itineraries.

TAKE AWAY: Alaskan splendor is unlike any other scenery in the world. Take the time to explore with your kids all the history, wildlife, and adventures that the Land of the Midnight Sun has to offer. Instead of rushing, savor every sight and sound. 

TIPS: When deciding which type of room to book, go with one of the suites (such as the Neptune Suites) to give you and your kids more space.
• Savor the salmon: Alaska provides the best salmon you’ll ever eat.
• Although the cruise ship is a great place to have fun and unwind, take full advantage of every port you visit and every excursion available to you. Not all excursions are tiring, and you’ll get even more great family photos to treasure for a lifetime.