Take in the sights and sounds of the Eternal City from a 360-degree point of view.

Imagine waking up in Rome and spotting the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel, and the Trevi Fountain in the distance amid windy cobblestone streets and traditional Italian architecture stretching as far as the eye can see. The sun gleams off the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica, and everything looks so peaceful. The sounds of the city below you rise up faintly as it begins to sink in that you’re viewing one of the most historic cities in the world from above it all.

This is the view from the five-star Regina Hotel Baglioni’s new Roman Penthouse Suite, designed by Milanese architects Rebosio+Spagnulo to combine the traditional with the modern. Located on Via Veneto in the heart of the city, the palace-turned-hotel embodies classic Romanism with its authentic art deco and Italian decor.

The hotel’s ultra luxurious three-bedroom suite offers 360-degree views of Rome, 6,028 gorgeous square feet to relax in, 2,798 square feet of private terraces, and its own outdoor heated Jacuzzi. Guests can even enjoy a private butler and host an exclusive dinner party with a personal chef and Italian wine tasting. Before guests even arrive at the penthouse suite, the staff will be sure to collect pages of their likes and dislikes in order to completely customize the stay. “It’s a privately owned company so it feels like your own home,” hotel general manager Luca Virgilio says, noting that authenticity is what sets the suite apart. “There’s no cookie-cutter service. We’re about passion and sincerity.”

That passion extends to the artwork displayed in the penthouse suite. Baglioni has collaborated with Basile Arteco on an exhibition entitled “Luxury is not a Waste,” which includes 24 unique works of art viewable exclusively in the suite. Every detail of the Roman Penthouse Suite, including the art and the Murano glass pieces, was created by Italian artists.

But it’s no secret that the greatest part about staying in the largest penthouse suite in Rome is, well, Rome. Walking through the streets and seeing history up close contributes to the admiration that the City of Fountains commands. Not a bad Roman holiday.

The Roman Penthouse Suite is available for approximately $18,000 per night. baglionihotels.com