It’s summer now, but for many families, it’s time to learn about the world — one of the best classrooms there is — by exploring it. Travel enriches our lives and provides memories that last far beyond the trip. It takes the lessons from pages of history, geography, and social studies books and turns them into real-world examples that won’t be forgotten once school is out.

For our cover story on “10 Epic Family Trips,” our writers (myself included) set out to find the best experiences to share with your children, no matter their ages. I traveled with my family, pictured left, for camp-style fun and loads of quality together time at The Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation. Time is precious; time with our children even more so. These trips, in addition to being great ways to bond with your loved ones, will create lasting memories and an education that can only be acquired from the school of life.   

More family fun can be found at one of the Top 20 Family Resorts featured in our annual Readers’ Choice Platinum List. For more than 10 years, you, our travel-savvy Celebrated Living readers, have weighed in on your favorite hotels, golf courses, spas, and cruise lines. This year, we have upped the number of winners in almost every category: There are 200 hotels, 40 golf courses, 50 spas, and 10 cruise lines. If ever you were tempted to take an issue of CL from the plane (and we encourage you to do so; we will replace your copy for the next passenger!), this is the one to take and use as a reference for your future travel plans. 

This issue isn’t just about places; we have some very interesting faces too. Writer Cathy Whitlock traveled to Cozumel, Mexico, to interview tennis great Rafael Nadal as he took a little breather from tennis to enjoy one of his favorite things: the sea. Across another ocean, on the shores of Hawaii, we caught up with surfboard shaper Dick Brewer, whose creations are collector-worthy in addition to being some of the world’s best. And Metallica’s Lars Ulrich, a globe-trotter and art collector, expresses his thoughts as our “Celebrated Traveler.”

School may be out, but I do have a little assignment for you: Share your opinions about the magazine with us. Send an email to Not only will you get a gold star from me, we’ll also enter you in a drawing to win a Peg and Awl Waxed Canvas Weekender.

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