With this issue, our Readers’ Choice Platinum List turns 10 years old. That means that over the past decade, you — our well-traveled readers — have been sounding off on your favorite hotels, spas, golf courses, and cruise lines.

With each Platinum List, we are reminded of just how important impeccable service is to a guest. Sure, we hear plenty of comments about the sumptuous linens and amazing views, but it’s personal service and attention to details that readers continually rave about, year after year. Four Seasons Resorts, for instance, has long inhabited this list. I am never surprised about that. I recently had the pleasure of staying at the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas (a Top 10 Platinum List U.S. Business Hotel, by the way). From the moment you walk through their doors (guest or not), you are treated with warmth and friendliness. More often than not, the attentive staff call you by name. No detail seems to escape them, from the pint-size robe and slippers for the children to the perfectly tailored massage. Like the other hotels, spas, golf courses, and cruise lines that grace our list this year, Four Seasons Resorts clearly understands that leaving a favorable impression on a guest goes a long way. 

I’ve visited quite a few of the properties on our Platinum List; others I have on my wish list. And you? We encourage you to use the list as you plan — or dream about — your escapes. 

In this issue, we’re helping you with not just where to go but what to bring. “Travel in Style” for a look at packable picks for the perfect getaway, whether you choose a big city, the majestic mountains, or a chic beach. Heading to New York? Book a table (well in advance!) for one of the intimate restaurants Michael Kaplan talks about in his article on micro dining (“Small Scale, Big Tastes”), a trend that’s making its way through Manhattan and will no doubt be coming to other top dining cities as well. And if you don’t yet know what geoduck is — or how to pronounce it (it’s gooey-duck, if you’re wondering) — you’ll be wanting to sample it by the time you finish savoring his article.

While we are celebrating 10 years of the Platinum List, we are also celebrating the magazine’s 15-year anniversary. It’s our goal at Celebrated Living to be your inflight concierge to the world of luxury, and we hope that we are delivering on that goal. As always, we welcome your feedback, comments, and suggestions. 

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