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Blue Glass
David Orias

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Few things move us like waves, literally and figuratively. What is it about the salt air, the shoreline, and the mesmerizing water as it forms into peaks — no two ever the same — that at once soothes and stirs our souls? Perhaps we look out at the ever-changing shapes, out to the horizon and beyond, and realize the endless expanse of possibility … for ourselves, for the people around us, for this planet. Here, David Orias shares some images of wondrous waves that he’s captured over the years. “I had no formal training in art. I didn’t take any classes about color theory, composition, or lighting. I learned as I went,” says Orias. With much patience, discipline, and just the right lighting, he began making magic. “The low light of pre-dawn has amazing colors, which we cannot see because our eyes cannot collect the color information over time like the longer exposure that a camera takes,” says Orias, adding, “I also found that, out of tragedy, could come beauty. Wildfires in Southern California will put smoke into the air, resulting in eerie colors to the dawn light that feel not of this earth.” See more at davidorias.com

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Mardi Gras Wave
David Orias

Sit in reverie and 
watch the changing color 
of the waves that 
break upon the 
idle seashore 
of the mind. 
 - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I pray to be like 
the ocean, with 
soft currents, maybe 
waves at times. 
More and more, I want 
the consistency 
rather than the highs 
and the lows. 
 - Drew Barrymore
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Breaking Left
David Orias

The world is 
full of poetry. 
The air is living 
with its spirit; 
and the waves dance
to the music of 
its melodies, 
and sparkle in its 
 - James Gates Percival