Winter is a season of celebration, a time to toast new beginnings and embrace the loving relationships we share with family and friends. Among the glitter and the parties is often the exchange of gifts -- some lavish in artistry or price, others rich in significance or sentiment. The key is to choose wisely, to be selective, to invest great consideration for the gift and the recipient. Whether it’s something shiny and chic for the wrist or wardrobe or something high-style and high-tech for the home or the highway, this year’s holiday GIFT GUIDE is a venerable showcase of the world’s most beautiful designs. Many are handmade by renowned craftsmen using time-honored techniques or incorporating the latest technology. Others are constructed from exotic skins, rare woods, or a special selection of precious gems and metals. Nevertheless, all of the magnificent items on the following pages share an uncompromising regard for quality.

Timeless Treasures
Old-world Materials mix with modern technology  this season to inspire a new generation of exquisite gifts for the home.
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CARTIER office-style desk clock, $10,500,

VERSACE Vanity espresso cup and saucer, $120, and matching bread-and-butter plate, $80,

DAVID WISEMAN cast bronze lattice vase, $15,000,

Home Sweet Home
These prized pieces are sure to spark lively conversation.
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LOUIS VUITTON customizable leather Whiskey Cave, approximately $16,000,

DUNHILL solar- and magnetic-powered ever-rotating Sentryman globe, $945, and shagreen sterling-silver games compendium, $45,500,

DAVID LINLEY walnut and rosewood Precious Time hourglass, approximately $495,