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Go Stand-Up Paddle-Boarding

Stand-Up Paddle Among Vancouver’s Isles
Stand-up paddleboarding has sprouted like kudzu and so have SUP’s options. Witness Victoria, British Columbia-based Ocean River Adventures’ two-day stand-up paddleboarding journey around the Gulf Islands. Plying waters with shallows so clear you seem to be soaring above an endless scroll of clams, anemones, and starfish, paddlers explore coves and caves and sandy-pocket beaches, keeping an eye peeled for porpoise, otter, and bald eagles. At night you’ll rest your legs — and the rest of your tired, satisfied self — at a comfortable hotel after a hearty BC meal. July 28 to 29. From $595. (800) 909-4233,

Go Diving

Dive Darwin’s Locker
Imagine Darwin’s astonishment had he been able to see beneath the Galápagos’ waters. The Galápagos Islands are a place of inordinate oddity and surprise and, due to a convergence of ocean currents, the waters are rife with a terrific array of marine life. Big Five Tours and Expeditions’ eight-day Galápagos Safari Camp diving trip puts divers in the water at several sites including Gordon Rocks (often home to schooling hammerheads), returning guests to the highlands of Santa Cruz Island and the only luxury tented camp (complete with chef) in Latin America. Note: With currents and surge, the Galápagos require some dive experience. Departures year-round. From $4,090. (800) 244-3483,
photo album background spread: © david franklin/getty images

Get There are none better at wet footing; Teva has been making quality sandals for river rats for more than 25 years. The Churnium has Teva’s modified sandal-strap design and cushioning and added niceties (clambering about rivers can be sharp, bruising work) like toe and arch protection and a foam upper section designed to dry fast. $85.

Mares specializes in scuba-diving gear, but the Mares Cruise Roller is a great bag for traveling divers and travelers period. A hard bottom, stainless steel rivets, and heavy-duty stitching make it tough, and its 3.5-cubic-foot self can be folded into a much smaller bag. $180.

This May, WaveJet will launch, bringing motorized power to surfboards, bodyboards, and stand-up paddleboards (and eventually other watercraft like kayaks and lightboats). Among other boons, it will make it easier for surfers to paddle and catch waves. Depending on how your arms are holding up, the motor is turned on or off via a remote device strapped to the wrist. From $4,300.

Tip Spend an unforgettable Hawaiian night (or more) in the dark. Kona dive operators give the dive their own names — Pelagic Magic, Black Water Night Dive — but the basics are the same. You plunk overboard at night several miles offshore, tethered to a line in 4,000 feet of inky water, and start watching implausible planktonic wonders materialize in your dive light beam. Transparent glories that pulse and waft and spark color (most no bigger than your thumbnail), the plankton drifts to the surface each night to feed. Jack’s Diving Locker ($175) and Kona Honu Divers ($146) each offer night magic.,