Valley Trunk Estate

As my driver rounded the curve and made his way up the entry, my eyes widened. What stretched before me seemed even more lush and exotic than the Virgin Gorda I knew. Impeccably trimmed, deep-green lawns welcomed; towering vines and bushes burst with vibrant pink and red blooms; several mysterious structures dotted the landscape.

There’s good reason I had never laid eyes on this hideaway in the British Virgin Islands. For 35 years, the 19-acre wonderland of Valley Trunk Estate has been a private residence, and the owners are just now making it — and 70-ft. yacht Xanadu — available for exclusive rentals by no more than 16 guests traveling together. The enchanting property was painstakingly built over several years and is a rare treat to experience indeed.

Eight individual bedroom suites sprawl over multiple villas, offering the utmost in luxurious privacy with a refined, but unpretentious, feel of a family retreat. Multilevel paths, hidden boardwalks, and small bridges surprise at every turn and make for great exploratory walks. Huge granite boulders on the compound confirm you are near the geologically stunning Baths of Virgin Gorda.
Take a peek inside these once-private enclaves, available to the privileged public.

Named after the indigenous trunkback turtles, Valley Trunk Estate boasts one of the best beaches in the BVIs, and overlooking it is the Bali House, which was deconstructed piece by piece in Bali, then relocated and rebuilt on its current majestic perch. Here, guests enjoy gourmet meals, from an island barbeque feast to fine seafood and delicate pastries. Paddleboards and glass-bottom kayaks are rigged and ready, or summon Xanadu for an afternoon dive, snorkel, or island tour (did I mention what an incredible amenity a 70-ft. yacht is?). Indulge in private tennis lessons, have one of the best massages on the planet right in your suite, or enjoy a private outdoor yoga session while gazing out over the Caribbean Sea.

It’s obvious the owners of Valley Trunk adore it and have thought of every detail for its public debut. Evening bonfires after dinner entertain on the beach, complete with all-weather rugs and upscale beanbag chairs, no less. Hermès bath products grace your suite, gifting it with a light, intoxicating fragrance impossible to forget. If you are fortunate enough to get a bit of the toiletries home, it will transport you time and time again back to dreamy Valley Trunk. That’s what I call the perfect souvenir.

Rate is $15,000 per night, inclusive, for one to six guests. Each additional person, up to 16 guests total, is $1,800 inclusive. Email for more information and reservations.