Based In a bahamian oasis of sand, surf, and sun, designer India Hicks is the definition of barefoot chic. But you wouldn’t immediately guess that by looking at her bio. Born in London, India is the daughter of famed interior decorator David Hicks and his wife, Lady Pamela Hicks, whose parents were the Earl and Countess Mountbatten of Burma. And her godfather? That would be HRH Prince Charles. The Caribbean always called the former fashion model, however, and today she’s turned her island life into something of a cottage industry, using it as inspiration for her pitch-perfect home décor, fashion, jewelry, and beauty lines, as well as her decorating books. Between jaunts to exotic locales where she sources items for her Bahamas boutique and ideas for her various collections, she found a few minutes to share this window into her well-traveled life.

"Living in the Caribbean is wonderful because there are no parking tickets — well, not on the small Bahamian out-island I happen to live on. The school run is a three-minute golf-cart ride, and the only traffic jam might be a family of chickens crossing the road. Although I spend the greater part of my day in an office, I’m able to take my dogs on a three-mile pink-sand beach run in the late afternoon and watch a blood-red tropical sunset most evenings. And the moon can be so bright you can see your own shadow.

For design inspiration, I always find myself turning to Mother Nature. She’s a great designer. The markings in the sand, the colors of the ocean, the patterns on the palm trees…

My greatest indulgence is a family supper in our walled courtyard under the stars, unrushed and with much verbal jousting among my five children. An aviary of lovebirds sits to one side of the courtyard, and we hear their little sleepy chirps as the evening lingers.

The next projects I’m most excited about are my growing collections for HSN (the Home Shopping Network). I have created a series of sheets, comforters, quilts, and home accessories, all based on my island life. These designs are also available on my website, I spend most of my waking hours managing and worrying about this site. My mother, who’s in her mid-80s, simply can’t understand that I have a shop in the sky. We recently gave her an iPad so she could have a look. ‘What a nice idea, darling,’ she said, and firmly shut it into her desk drawer.

I simply can’t travel without my Bose headphones. I travel transatlantic a great deal. The Bose headphones make it all the more bearable. I try to think about it as nine hours of uninterrupted film viewing and not about contending with the bloody stressful meeting at the other end."