The editors of Celebrated Living pick their must-haves for the spring season

EO Travel Collection Hardshell Roller 

A sleek and stylish design plus convenient pockets for your iPad and laptop make this rolling carry-on a must-have for on-the-go travelers.

KiS – keep in shape Dumbbells

Elegantly innovative dumbbells designed by Bruno Fuscien-Trasan of KiS – Keep in Shape are hand-stitched with brass bolts. The dumbbells come in five luxurious colors including blue ostrich skin.
$1,615 to $8,747,

Lytro Camera

The sleek and user-friendly Lytro Light Field camera captures the entire light field so you can focus a picture after you take it. It comes in five bold colors and has an aluminum shell and silicone grip.
$399 to $499,

Poppin all star Table 

Find out who’s really a team player when you turn this clever powder-coated steel conference table into its alter ego: a pingpong table.

LO & Sons Overnight Bag

LO & Sons’ light, patented design makes carrying on The O.G. overnight bag a breeze. Comes in classic black with a lovely lavender interior, one of several color combinations.

Francois Payard Essence of Spring Macaron Collection

The sweet taste of spring comes in small bites with the famed baker’s delectable assortment of seasonal macarons, including strawberry-basil and lemon-thyme.
$32 for the 12-piece collection. At the new flagship FP Patisserie, 1293 Third Ave., NYC, or