This rental car company is revolutionizing the travel industry, one Audi at a time.

You’ve just landed. You exit the plane, leave the terminal and airport, and hop on the shuttle to pick up your rental car. It’s a normal travel day — that is until you bypass the rental car counters and head straight toward a picture-perfect fleet of silver 2013 Audi A4s, each equipped with Google Earth GPS navigation, SiriusXM satellite radio, Bluetooth capabilities, and a Wi-Fi hotspot. This is all yours for just $89 per day on weekdays and $59 per day on weekends.

Welcome to the new world of auto rentals, led by Silvercar, a luxury car rental service that’s revolutionizing the field with a system guided entirely by a smartphone. Once you download the app and scan the barcode located on your car’s windshield, the doors to your brand-new Audi unlock and the car is yours. The keys are located inside the car, so you don’t even need the help of an attendant. More good news: There’s no gas fill-up fee at the end; just pay for what you use.

Silvercar, which is helmed by Luke Schneider, the former CTO of ZipCar, started at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in January, and has since launched in Austin, Houston, Dallas Love Field, and San Francisco. More cities around the country are set to follow. In fact, the company plans to be in seven markets by the end of 2013 and at least 15 airports by the end of 2014.