Beautiful Belize is on our radar now, and El Secreto delivers both authenticity and luxury.

You step out of your private boat onto the pier overlooking pure turquoise ocean. Walk toward land and your bare feet are greeted by silky sand shaded by lilting palm trees and lined with kayaks. As you are handed an almost-too-pretty-to-drink cocktail, your eyes first meet a luxuriously blue swimming pool dotted with bright orange hammocks. Walk further inland, and you are met with 13 freestanding exotic thatched-roof villas complete with personal Jacuzzis and outdoor showers. You have arrived at El Secreto, a resort located on Ambergris Caye, Belize.

When Mexico City businessmen Abraham Roffe and Abraham Saade decided to build their ideal resort, they intended to create a place where intimate tropical oasis meets top-notch technology, and they did. Despite the highly attentive service, you still feel as though you are the sole inhabitant of a paradise that causes you to seriously consider abandoning all responsibility to become a full-time hammock lounger.

But part of El Secreto’s appeal lies in its surroundings. Hop on a private boat and soon arrive at San Pedro Town, full of Belizean charm and local shopping and restaurants. Set sail on the Caribbean seas to the magnificent Blue Hole to scuba dive or to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve to snorkel and swim among nature’s most colorful creatures and underwater scenery.

Even without the help of Belize’s beauty, El Secreto remains a rich hub of tropical relaxation blended with exquisite accommodations and service. From $390,