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We’re giving our planes a new look to go along with the new airline.

Most of our fleet is getting a fresh coat of paint, including US Airways planes, which are being painted in American’s colors and new logo. It’s a huge project that will take the next couple of years. It’s also an early example of how 100,000 people are working together to turn the promise of this merger into a reality and restore American to the greatest airline in the world.

Thanks to our merger, which closed at the end of last year, our customers are benefiting from a bigger, more connected network of destinations, including our newest, Hong Kong. That wider network, which was made even larger when US ­Airways joined American in the oneworld alliance in March, translates into more opportunities to earn and redeem miles in the AAdvantage program.

Customers are also benefiting from new aircraft at American. On average, two new planes arrive each week. They are replacing older aircraft, and the result is that American is going to have one of the youngest fleets in the business.

One of the things I like most about this new livery is the way it represents the people of our airline. Our team members voted for the new flag on the tail, which will replace American’s old logo. The passion our people feel about their airline and how we represent ourselves to the world is inspiring, and it shows how deeply they care about American Airlines and its future.

In fact, it’s the new aircraft that prompted changes in our look. For decades, American’s fleet has had a polished aluminum exterior with American’s distinctive red, white and blue livery. But soon we will be flying Boeing 787s and ­Airbus A350s, two larger aircraft that we will use on some of our most important, longest-range routes all over the world. The bodies on those high-tech planes are made out of carbon fiber instead of aluminum, so the polished-metal look won’t work going forward.

As we move forward, we will remember to embrace our past. We plan to paint some “heritage” aircraft — modern planes painted with logos from the past from airlines that have formed today’s American. Already, we are flying jets with paint schemes from PSA, Piedmont, America West and Allegheny, and in the future we plan to introduce TWA, Reno Air and ­AirCal aircraft, while keeping one plane in the US ­Airways livery. We have team members that began their careers at each of these carriers working for American today. They are proud of their heritage, and we are proud to have them on the American Airlines team.

On behalf of all of us at American Airlines, thank you for flying with us today. We hope you enjoy your travels, and we look forward to seeing you on another flight with us again soon.

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Doug Parker
CEO American Airlines