Savor an Epic(urean) Experience on Riviera

One of the many things that make cruise lines so popular is the abundance of amazing food. Whether plated or presented in elaborate displays, there is something to entice every palate or craving around the clock. But Oceania cruises takes the culinary experience to a new level, providing the opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade with some of the most accomplished chefs and culinary teachers in the world. The cruise line has created 25 Culinary Discovery Tours, often led by Kathryn E. Kelly, executive chef of the Bon Appétit Culinary Center and director of culinary enrichment. The Culinary Center is just one of the the luxury experiences offered onboard the new Riviera — whose godmother, by the way, is chef Cat Cora, this issue’s Celebrated Traveler — and her sister ship, Marina.

During these tours you will learn how to prepare and present cuisine indicative of the port of call, visit and shop local markets with a team of chefs, learn how to select the best vendors and identify the freshest products, and expand your culinary horizons while eating like a local.

For those who would rather dine than dish, you are certainly not left out. Sample the local delicacies and very best regional cuisine with a visit to La Reserve, featured on both ships. La Reserve offers a seven-course gourmet dinner beautifully paired with vintage wines selected by the connoisseurs at Wine Spectator. Limited to 24 guests, this amazing venue delivers a truly intimate dining experience. Brilliant!

Whether you’re a true epicurean or an aspiring foodie, Oceania Cruises will introduce you to the cuisine of the world while pampering you on a truly luxurious vessel. And the team of talented chefs will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to bring the flavors back home to share with friends and family … the ultimate souvenir!